I like to define the

Celebrance Planner

as an emotion planner

What does a Celebrance Planner do?

I like to define the Celebrance Planner as an emotion planner, a director of the couple, able to find the perfect balance between the imagination of your dreams and the realization of them. He is the new professional figure conceived for all aspects concerning the secular-humanist liturgy.
After a careful interview, the Celebrance Planner identifies a line to follow, a leitmotif, a melody based on the creed, style and spirituality of the future spouses.
He then conceive a direction by planning the ceremony program, facilitating the couple’s journey towards the fateful moment of the yes I do.
The Celebrance Planner knows the etiquette of a celebration. Therefore, it becomes complementary in presence of a Wedding Planner and essential in his absence.
In the case of anofficial ceremony with delegation from the Mayor, he wears the tricolor sash and takes care ofthe correct execution of the bureaucratic protocol for the validation of the marriage certificate. He takes care of all the scenographic details of the altar and the materials for the rites.
Finally, the Celebrance Planner is musically prepared to suit tastes and styles in the choice of music that accompanies the celebration.


The Celebrance Planner, in addition to being the professional figure who celebrates your wedding, provides the essential services for the realization of the ceremony. In this way the spouses have the opportunity to take advantage of the spending budget without using other suppliers.
Step by step
Professional equipment includes:
The celebrant’s voice is audible to all present. For this reason it makes use of a professional instrumentation that it provides:

  1. A wireless microphone equipped with a control unit with interchangeable channels. This technical aspect is fundamental because a highly professional instrumentation guarantees the continuity of the voice without interference. (often disturbed by the presence of smartphones and drones)
  2. A professional audio system to guarantee balanced listening in terms of volume and sound quality.
  3. A lavalier microphone. It is few grams weight box tied under your clothes and connected to the microphone working with a wireless transmitter. This allows the bride and groom to feel more comfortable while carrying out the promise.
  4. The perfect promise. My experience as a vocal coach at the service of the spouses to educate their voice, intention and interpretation while carrying out the promises.
  5. Customization of the most requested rites: rite of sand, light, rose and many others.
  6. Content editing. Each couple has a story, each story becomes a story-telling. Each story-telling has its own editor. The timing of the celebration will be determined by the sum of all the moments that make up the story-telling. The text of the celebration and the marriage contract (if symbolic) will be printed on parchment paper and delivered at the end of the ceremony.
  7. The music. During the celebration, every passage of the readings and every movement of those who actively participate in the ceremony, are enhanced by the chosen soundtrack with intervals of space and time joined by background music and live songs.

The professional celebrant

Anyone could be the celebrant of your wedding, anyone who can read and write. But if celebrating is an act of love, a mindset, then the celebrant becomes a more complex figure than you can imagine, a figure that summarizes in itself qualities of empathy, humanity and professionalism.
The celebrant is in fact a person, he must have human qualities. Its role is to transfer order and calm to anyone, transporting emotions from heart to heart, expressing the love between two people with musicality, gestures and words. How can all this be achieved? The fundamental characteristic that marks this profession is the timbre of the voice and how it is used during the celebration. Dedicating an important meaning to the contents and embellishing them with value is fundamental, but the true strength of the professional celebrant is knowing how to transfer emotions through the correct use of human voice: a warm,mpolite voice, rich in nuances and a correct speech.
But the Celebrant is also a professional figure, an acquisition that requires preparation and method. This dual aspect, human and professional, makes the professional celebrant a complete figure who takes you by the hand, and accompanies you throughout the most important journey of your life. For this reason, choosing a professional celebrant makes the difference.

The steps of the celebration

The drafting of the celebration is divided into some very specific moments that may vary according to the needs of the spouses and the type of rite chosen.



Wedding symbol

Code reading with band


Gift to parents


Letter from parents


Letter to the children


Couple promise




(To be choosen)

Rings Exchange


Signatures and exit

Love at first sight

Celebrating your wedding means uniting your essences. With a special care for deep feelings and emotions you will confide me from our first meeting. Revealing oneself implies trust, and this requires empathy on the part of the one who collect your confidences. Ethics, experience and my authentic belief in love inevitably lead me to carry on this job in an inclusive way, giving anyone the opportunity to realize a dream in the sign of authenticity, regardless of religious belief, spirituality or sexual orientation. A totally dedicated ambience will make you feel at home, in the comfort of expressing yourself with concentration in the complete absence of judgment.

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