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Monica & Daniel 9 Giu 2017

Barbara was a wonderful person from the start making our ceremony special and personalized!
A memory of pure emotion that will remain impressed both for us and for our guests.

Daniel Ammoscato

Paolo & Nicoletta 12 Set 2020

Love, passion, rituals that represent the profound union of the soul and the creation of a family. All with words, music and Barbara’s wonderful voice. this is what the celebration of our civil ceremony was like.

Paolo Salvi

Damiana & Stephan 28 Set 2019

Barbara excited us a lot, from the first meeting there was immediately that something, that feeling, that empathy. If we could go back we would say again ‘yes, you are the person who celebrates our wedding’. Barbara moved us and made us laugh. Whenever we think back to marriage we say WOW.

Barbara remained in everyone’s heart and thoughts. Thanks again so much for everything.

Damiana e Stephan

Linda & Giuliano 12 Set 2019

You were the first to know about us and the first to see us together again. you couldn’t be just an guest but you had to have an important role … and so you married us with the utmost professionalism and feeling that has always distinguished you … you made our day more beautiful, magical …
Thank you with all my heart…
Thanks also to Marco who with his music and his wonderful Trumpet gave us a unique moment…

Linda Maggiore

Luca & Riccardo 1 Giu 2019

Emotion. We could enclose everything with this simple word. In reality there would be a lot of other words to say: Barbara managed to give that touch of emotion that was missing on our most beautiful day, simply with her skill and making sure that everyone present was excited with us. The sand ritual was the most touching moment of the whole evening that we will never forget

Luca Emme

Elena & Davide 3 Giu 2018

Simply perfect!
From the very first meeting Barbara tried to understand what kind of marriage we wanted and what our wishes were. He welcomed us into his home as if we were family and between a plate of pasta and a chat, he organized a perfect day, giving us excellent suggestions and advice without neglecting our needs. We chose Barbara as a celebrant and as a singer together with Marco, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better! All the guests were very impressed and continued to compliment us even after some time.

Elena Tagliabue

Daniele & Claudia 10 Sep 2021

I met Barbara by chance and it was love at first sight: the tone of voice, the calm, the clarity, the way she manages to find the right strings to get to the heart struck me immediately. We arranged to surprise my bride and organize a sand ritual during the reception. There was considerable planning: I met her and told our love story, feelings, mood and how / when to organize it during the event. We have repeatedly talked to refine the shot between what I could imagine and her proposals, even if, trust me: leave it to her and you will not regret it. Barbara works and engages in a continuous search for ideas that she re-elaborates to better verbalize what I feel for my wife. It is difficult to explain in words, the atmosphere that Barbara manages to create with her voice and the background, if I had to give a description, (confirmed by my guests), that evening there was a magical moment out of time. It was like being captivated by siren song where you feel good and never want to leave. The plus was being able to create a moment not only romantic and touching, but also involving our guests, who gladly participated in the sand ritual with strong emotions: it was a unique moment. Unique as is the vase of the sand that was generated only in that moment and only in that way. Impossible to replicate. I recommend to those who can appreciate these issues at least one cognitive chat.


Alice & Mattia 29 Set 2021

We had an understanding with Barbara from the first note … we heard her sing and we understood that she would be an integral part of our ceremony.
During the months before the wedding we met several times to build the ceremony together, he guided us into a world unknown to us, he explained the rites and advised us which songs to combine at the various moments.
The emotions that he transmitted to us and that he made us feel during the celebration of our wedding were unique and indescribable, we could not have wished for a different celebrant. He made our day perfect and indelible!

Alice Guglielmetti

Giusy & Maurizio 6 Ott 2020

Barbara with her preparation, sweetness, professionalism, made the celebration a unique, exciting, engaging moment both for us spouses but above all for our little girl, our witnesses, our guests, attention to detail. The celebration was also accompanied by music designed for us! I would entrust my wedding to you a thousand and a thousand times! Thank you with all my heart! I highly recommend!
Barbara and Marco love you.

Giusy Tripoli

Debora & Nicola 28 Ago 2021

Barbara is first of all a wonderful woman, as well as a professional, with her way of being, of speaking, she manages to enter everyone’s hearts, she allowed me to live a fantastic fairy tale, full of emotions and tears of joy, she entered the hearts of all of us and it will hardly come out. Thanks to Barbara I understood that emotions must be lived and not hidden for fear of not being understood. Barbara thank you for allowing me to experience my wedding as a fairy tale.

Debora Marrandino

Mascia & Stefano 27 Ago 2021

There are people who celebrate weddings and that’s it. There are people who sing at weddings and that’s it. But when the party is over, it’s all over. Then there is you Barbara. Not a step above the others, but a whole staircase. You live marriage with your heart, and you demonstrate it with your words, which you use to accompany the spouses on this important day. You managed to make people who seemed hard on the outside feel excited and cry, but in reality with the tender inside. You have been able to tell our story in simple words, the meaning of our gestures and our love. And after celebrating, you put on the shoes of a friend, and you made us have fun, sing, dance and spend an unforgettable day, of course, all this accompanied by Marco, from whom we take no credit. Our guests left happy, with something more in their hearts, complimenting our choice to have you. Thanks Barbara. Thanks Marco for having accompanied us on the most important and unforgettable day of our life.

Stefano Muser

Noemi & Matteo 3 Set 2021

We met Barbara years ago, during another marriage, and the common exit was “If we ever get married one day, her! You must be there, of course! “. So it was, we looked for and found it! And it was a confirmation, we had no doubts! His voice and his personality have bewitched us at every meeting… and at the wedding? Like a lighthouse in the night! As always, he enchanted us, but also our guests! Voice and personality with which it is impossible not to fall in love! She was a strong presence before and during the wedding. We couldn’t have wished for anything better! With Barbara, beauty, quality and joy are guaranteed!
Thanks Baby, because thanks to you, our day was a daydream!

Noemi Dima

Jessica & Andrea 25 set 2021

If there had been six stars, I would have put them! For our wedding we were lucky enough to meet professionals like Barbara and Marco! Barbara celebrated our union by writing the entire speech in her own hand, she managed to involve and move everyone! They also took care of the music and entertainment, entertaining all our guests who asked us “where did you discover them?”. For us it was the best day of our life and we owe much of the credit to them!

Jessica De Paola

Debora & Alessandro 26 set 2020

Well, what about? We were looking for something special and Barbara perfectly understood what we were looking for from the first time we spoke.
Wonderful person.

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