Barbara Giargiana


By your side

Such a wonderful sensation to feel
secure when everything is trembling,
shaking with emotion.


The act of giving, regardless the
gesture, is one of the highest
expression of human behaviour.


Reject the obvious to reach the
meaningful gives truth to words
and acts.

Hi, my name is Barbara

Celebrance Planner

and, as a Celebrance Planner I wish I can make the most important “Yes I do” of your life unforgettable. My goal will be to achieve the ceremony of your dreams, made up with passion, experience, sensitivity.

What can I do for you

Symbolic or official celebration

Civil rite by delegation from Authority
Civil rite in addition to Authority
Symbolic rite after the signing.

Bilingual celebration

Celebration in Italian with simultaneous translation in a chosen language between: English, French, Spanish, German, Portugese, Chinese.

Celebration in english

The celebration is entirely
carried out in English.

Customized rite

All passages will be enhanced by a
customized storytelling.

An act
of love

Celebrating is my lifestyle: giving voice to love whit love makes the difference.

Snapshot of special moments

Istantanee di momenti speciali

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