Who is Barbara celebrant?

I have been involved in secular-humanist celebrations since 9 June 2016.
During my thirty-year career of Wedding Ceremony Music Player I had the pleasure of offering my musical contribution to the civil rites. I used to color celebrations with my voice and, observing how they took place, I felt that something was missing.
Something that would give the ceremony a special touch. What was missing is contained in one word: emotion. I understood how important it is for a marrying couple to have a professional celebrant by their side. A figure who, in addition to representing, accompanying or taking the place of an Authority, is also able to convey emotions.
From this thougt comes the idea to integrate my professional profile, my experience as a singer, enriching it through an articulated course of studies on communication and the rituality of celebrations: this is how the figure of the Celebrance Planner was born.

My Secret

Every future couple has its own story to be told, and that of the Celebrance Planner is the hand that will seal this story by carving it in their hearts, the voice that will make it resonate.
To be there, to give voice to love, with love.
This is my aim. Because every future couple is a shape that binds one person to another.
Person, a beautiful word that we can break down into two parts: per means for and sona means sound (to resonate). A person is aomething alive that vibrate, resonate, so it’s just a matter of staying tuned. This is what it means for me to be there to accomplish your dream. It means expressing every word, like when I sing, but with respect for the main melody: yours.
Here is my secret.

Barbara Giargian Celebrance Planner
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